Similarly, Brazilian beauty and TV personality Priscilla  Meirelles-Estrada has also joined the growing clientele of Karada.  It is her go-to place when she feels the need to recharge and heal her body of stress-related discomfort.

At Karada, the treatments are applied with the help of a specially trained therapist who first makes an assessment of the client’s present condition and identifies any “abnormalities” such as misalignments, locked spinal joints, pinched nerves, stiff muscles, and incorrect posture, among others. The therapist then recommends the proper treatment to address these problems from Karada’s menu of service that includes Atlas and Pelvis Balance or AP Balance, a choice list of body treatments (BT), and a combination of AP & BT for the full Karada experience.

To know more about Karada, call Glorietta at 553-8731; Greenbelt Radissons, 843-7425; Greenbelt 1, 503-6004; Alabang, 894-1575; Greenhills, 510-8946 or Serendra, 823-6716.

Japanese-American actor Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa (right) with Sidney Stelton.  Cary’s  favorite services at Karada are the foot massage, full body treatment, and AP Balance.