Revitalize your mind and body at Karada

Revitalize your mind
and body at Karada

By: The Philippine Star | September 2 2014

MANILA, Philippines - Karada Body Therapy Center, which offers the ancient Japanese technique of body alignment, opens its newest branch in Greenbelt 1, Makati City.

Like a machine that works 24/7, our bodies need constant tuning up in order to return to its original orientation and to improve and increase its performance.

Karada, which means body in Japanese, restores the body’s inner balance by aligning the body’s atlas and pelvic regions. Karada addresses stress-related discomfort and malfunctions that, to some extent, may prevent some diseases and illnesses at the outset.

Karada offers correction and revitalization of both mind and body through AP Balance, Body Treatments (BT) and a combination of AP &BT for the full Karada experience.

AP Balance is Karada’s signature treatment using the combined principles of Chiropractic care, Seitai and Judoseifuku. The treatment is centered on the atlas (neck and shoulders) and the pelvis, the base of the body. Once the atlas and pelvic positions are realigned, balance, posture and mobility are improved and restored back to its natural state.

Body Treatment, which includes stretching and loosening of strained or loosened muscles, reduces stiffness and stress, swelling and body pains while strengthening weak muscles. The  AP & BT treatment, on the other hand, combines bone alignment with body treatment that provides the full benefits of two services in one session.

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