According to her, Karada is a personalized kind of therapy in which medical history, lifestyle, and body assessments are very important. “We want clients to be comfortable in sharing these information. Clients can request for their previous therapists so they no longer have to re-orient in their next session.”

Also unlike regular spas, Karada is done with your clothes on, in semi-private cubicles that are next to each other. Clients will be provided an all-black garb and soft bedroom slippers at the start of the treatment. Personal belongings can be stashed in a basket kept below the treatment bed.

Five Step Treatment Process

Regular massage parlors require four steps to get things done: undress, lie face-down, dress up, and pay. But because it’s more than your usual massage, Karada, on the other hand, employs five clinical steps.The treatment process begins with a consultation. Clients are required to answer a form that details problem areas, medical background, and lifestyle. This is a vital step because Karada treatments are personalized. The kind of treatment you’ll get later on will depend on your answers in this step.

After that, the Karada therapist will conduct a thorough body assessment. In this portion, the therapist will rationalize your aches by tracing your spine and testing your mobility. In this step, you will be informed of the probable causes of your body aches. Most of the time, the aches are caused by a leg that is shorter than its pair or bad posture habits (crossing your legs, sitting too long, or rotating your head).