Restore your Body’s Balance at Karada Therapy Center

Restore your Body’s Balance at Karada Therapy Center

By: Trix Deseo | May 14, 2013

Dianne, a 34 year-old manager, spends around ten hours in the office on an average day. Her mobility is restricted to moving the mouse, standing up for water breaks, running meetings, and occasionally, visiting her colleagues’ cubicles.  The rest of her hours are spent sitting in front of her computer. And as expected from such prolonged inactivity, she gets a sleep-robbing back ache at the end of her shift.

When this happens, first instinct will tell anyone to go to a spa and have an hour-long, back-bending shiatsu massage. Most of the time, massage works wonders. But you also have to admit that there are times when no amount of kneading can press the pain away.

For these kinds of instances, you might want to try Karada. Because apparently, massage is not the end-all of body relaxation therapies.

Karada versus Regular Massage

Karada (Japanese for “body”) is a franchise of a therapeutic and wellness center of the same name, ubiquitous in Japan. But unlike your regular spas, Karada offers much more than immediate relaxation . Massage is muscle-deep. Karada targets your body’s balance points: the atlas and the pelvis,” PHTwo Chua, Karada Greenbelt Radisson Manager, differentiates. According to the Karada principle, fatigue, stress, pain, and discomfort can be attributed to misalignment in your body. Aside from pampering and relaxation, the Karada technique poses benefits like regulating hormones, improves flexibility, boosts stamina, and even slimming your figure. “There are women in Japan who use our pelvis balance to make their hips narrower,” PHTwo reported .