Karada Serendra branch; the clinic has two branches in Taguig City and five more in other parts of Metro Manila.

Karada is a Japanese body therapy that carries the original technique AP Balance plus a body treatment in the form of a shiatsu-like massage. The AP Balance treatment claims to revitalize both the body and the mind. The first thing that this treatment will do is realign your first cervical bone, then the atlas and the pelvis. AP Balance focuses on bone alignment and muscle treatment. One of the benefits of Karada is giving the body the natural healing ability by realigning the bones and improving blood circulation through the body. 

Tomo showing me what needs to be realigned. When I went to their 8 Forbestown Road branch, I met Tomo, one of their Japanese master trainers.

They have both Japanese and Filipino therapists, all of whom trained for at least two months to acquire full knowledge about the body’s pressure points and stress-prone areas to make sure that every one is competent to treat with utmost precision and care.

Tomo realigning my pelvis,
since my right hip is higher
than the left

I walked in semi-limping, no thanks to a knee injury I currently am nursing, and I asked Tomo if that could be treated along with my back pain. He assessed my mobility and alignment and concluded that one of the reasons I injured my knee was due to the fact that my pelvis wasn’t aligned. My right hip is apparently higher than the left which would give strain to my left knee when standing.