Expectant  mothers who are in their first trimester, intoxicated clients and those with cancer are discouraged, however, from having the treatment.

"The difference of Karada from spas is that we focus on fixing and helping other people's body condition. Spas are usually known just to relax and make people feel better while Karada  gives the maintenance, helps repair or take away pain, stress, and also improve your health," said Sidney Stelton, Karada's assistant to the president.

Aside from AP Balance, Karada also offers shiatsu or deep tissue massage, foot refloxogy and an array of body treatments suited to the client's needs and desire.

Stelton said Karada is planning to open its third branch in the Philippines at the Gateway Mall by mid-year.

Karada has branches in The New Glorietta Mall (02-553-8731) and in Greenbelt Radissons (02-843-7425).