Chiropractic treatment adjusts the segments of the spinal column; Karada realigns the atlas or C1, one of two upper cervical vertebrae, and the pelvis. Both play a crucial role in the body’s overall health and well-being.

A simple impairment in the atlas, for example, can, over time, affect the nervous system, circulation and the entire muscu loskeletal system. Just like its namesake, the Greek mythological character Atlas, who was condemned by Zeus to support the weight of the earth and heaven on his shoulders, the body’s atlas supports the weight and structure of the head.

“Karada is based on a natural healing power by combining bone realignment with therapeutic massage and stretching,” said Hiroaki Naruse, Karada therapist and trainer, and regional manager of FJG, the Japan-based company that operates Karada. FJG is a health and wellness company that manages and operates close to 200 Karada clinics in Japan.

X-rays and MRIs will not show this misalignment. That’s why when the body feels pain, some doctors attribute it to an unknown source or pronounce the disease as merely psychosomatic.
(A specific CT scan is, however, reported to show the imbalance.

Correcting the atlas vertebrae can improve posture, and can prevent a series of postural defects such as hollow back, functional scoliosis, functional short leg, stiffness, swelling, pain and more. The thumb-based kneading and pulling employed to restore AP balance uses the body’s weight to give pressure, not force.

What the therapist’s hands can’t do, the drop bed can. The center of the mechanical bed drops when pressure is applied. With the client lying face down, the therapist applies pressure on the pelvis, and the center of the bed drops a few centimeters. It’s a method that helps restore AP balance.

“The massage is therapeutic, but we are not a spa. You don’t come here for relaxation. You come here for healing, for finding relief, so you can feel better,” said Rejana M. Stelton, Karada GM. Karada has branches in the new Glorietta (tel. 5538731), Greenbelt Radisson (8437425) and Serendra (8236716).

Hiroaki Naruse; Sidney Scott Stelton;
Rejana M. Stelton