It’s chiropractic alignment, Japanese style

It’s chiropractic
Japanese style

By: Anne A. Jambora | May 27, 2014

A therapist explaining the importance of the Atlas and Pelvic (AP) Balance.

Have you ever felt weak and lethargic, like an impending disease is about to take over your body, but not even your doctors can figure out its origin?

Your malaise is not uncommon and it’s probably not just psychosomatic.

Karada, a Japanese therapeutic center, adopts a clinical approach to many of the body’s stress-related ailments such as shoulder and back pain, muscle stiffness, and locked joints. Karada, meaning “body,” believes that 70 percent of body pain is caused by stress.

By combining the principles of chiropractic, seitai (body maintenance) and Judo seifuku (judo martial arts), Karada founder Yuki Koyasu developed a patented treatment called Atlas and Pelvic (AP) Balance.

AP Balance realigns the pelvic position, such that it produces a perceivable decrease of body pains almost instantly. It relieves body pain—even chronic pain—and prevents it from recurring. It relieves the body of stress and corrects hormonal imbalance.

Crucial role

The treatment is similar to chiropractic in that they both offer alignment of the spine...