clear his mind and allow new ideas to come in. “Playing golf once or twice a week really improves my focus and creativity,” he shares. Outside the golf course, he also finds time to shoot hoops or watch his favorite movies, either at home or in theaters.“Sometimes, a day is good enough for me to recharge and get ready for the next project.” Paul looks forward to a trip to the Karada Body Therapy Center once or twice a month to have the AP Balance treatment, short for Atlas and Pelvis Balance. This technique was originally developed by KARADA using the combined principles of Chiropractic, Seitai and Judoseifuku. It targets the atlas (neck and shoulders), and the pelvis area by realigning the pelvic position to its natural state resulting to improved posture and balance as well as noticeable relief from back pains.

“I usually tell the therapist what’s bothering me at that specific time and they instantly apply their treatment. After the session, the pain and discomfort are gone. They know exactly what they’re doing and are well trained,” he says.

Aside from the AP Balance, the wellness center also offers a choice list of Body Treatments (BT) and a combination of AP & BT for the full Karada experience.

Prior to treatment, an expertly trained therapist will make an assessment of the client’s present condition including any limitations in mobility, after which a recommendation will be given as to what treatment is required to correct the problem. Finally, the Karada therapist will hand over and explain a rationale that details the cause of the problem based on the lifestyle information provided during assessment.

A Karada treatment can last anywhere from 20 minutes (Energizer), 45 minutes (Therapeutic) to 60-90 minutes (The Bliss), perfect for clients with varying schedules and lifestyles. “The industry I’m in is very demanding and hectic so making my body well taken care of really helps me and adds to the quality of my work,” he notes.

Karada Body Therapy Center branches at the new Glorietta Wing in Ayala, Makati (02) 5538731; Greenbelt Radissons in Legaspi Village, Makati (02) 8437425; Greenbelt 1, Legaspi Village, Makati; Serendra in Bonifacio High Street (02) 8236716; Unit 205B Fox Square Bldg. 53 Connecticut St. Northeast Greenhills, San Juan City (02) 5108946 and at the 2nd Floor Westgate Hub Filinvest City, Alabang (02) 8941575.