Director Paul Soriano reveals secret to staying focused

Director Paul Soriano reveals
secret to staying focused

February 27, 2015

Staying out of the limelight and staying focused are two things director Paul Soriano has done successfully despite his stature as a sought-after director.

The latter Paul credits to a healthy work-life balance and his discovery of the ancient Japanese body alignment technique, Karada, a wellness center with roots in Japan that specializes in the age-old tradition of restoring the body’s inner balance through muscle and bone alignment.

Paul, who learned of Karada through his mom as recommended by his aunt, recalls the first time he tried the treatment at the Karada Body Therapy Center.
“After a session at Karada, I instantly felt recharged and energized. The therapists are very specific to the kind of treatment your body needs which is why I like it so much,” says the 33-year-old film director, who recently got engaged to his long-time girlfriend, actress Toni Gonzaga.

As someone who spends long hours behind the camera, stress is something Paul is exposed to everyday. His schedule is mostly divided between several meetings to brainstorm with the preproduction team and actual production work, which can be anything from producing, executing and directing TV commercials and feature films.

Hitting the greens, therefore, has become the young director’s diversion, which he says helps him...